Thursday, July 28, 2011


Hey Folks,
                   Our final shipments of Lovecraftian Lollipops and Candy Crystal Skulls were shipped today (7/28). Thanks to everyone for the overwhelming amount of orders but most importantly thanks so much for your patience!

We'll be debuting a new item soon and then the HALLOWEEN CANDY ONSLAUGHT will begin! We've been working on a bunch of new designs and  will be offering a ton of items for the Halloween season. I think you'll like them!

Keep your eyes glued to this spot!

Jason McKittrick


  1. I got home last night and had a new candy crystal skull on my porch. I don't really intend on eating because it looks too damn cool sitting on my desk. What would be the best way to preserve my candy skull?

  2. The trick is keeping moisture out. You could certainly keep it in the bag provided or possibly shrink wrapping it. Leaving it out in the open air would cause it to melt completely in a week.

  3. This cool candy skull in a bag on my desk wouldn't nearly be as cool if had in a bag. I was thinking of some sort of shellac or laquer coating. But I worry about it eating through the candy...and turning into a puddle on my desk.

  4. A shellac would probably eat right through it unfortunately.