Friday, October 24, 2008


I'm doing a series of paintings about the ghosts of Marlboro State Psychiatric Hospital for a solo gallery exhibition in the near future. They're all going to be pretty creepy and I thought I'd showcase one early just in time for Halloween. The textural effect of the figure is achieved using a heat transfer technique, a technique which I will be using throughout the series. This show will also see the largest series I've ever done, more than the usual 3 or 4, it will be closer to 10 in all. I will have more news soon on the location and date of the show as it gets closer.

This piece is entitled "Ghost 1" and is 8 x 10 inches
heat transfer, graphite, watercolor, acrylic and colored pencil

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  1. I worked at the hospital. Some of your stuff is dead on. And yes... they did at one time house children.

    I remember the tunnels, the morgue and feeling very scared alone in some places. But I was wasn't the blank eyed evil nurse. I liked my patients. They liked me, but there were some employees that were more frightening than ghost.